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Company held a technical innovation meeting

Issuing time:2021-02-19 14:39Author:ZhongZuan

At 3 pm on February 18th, a technical innovation meeting of all the company’s technical staff was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company. At the meeting, the technical staff rushed to speak, summarize the gains and losses, and provide suggestions for the company’s development, expressing that they would strengthen their study and work hard. Make more contributions to the company’s long-term development. Finally, General Manager Zeng Jun made a concluding speech, expressing the company’s emphasis on technical work, analyzing the company’s product development direction and market prospects, and proposing to keep learning based on the company’s current technical status. Innovative ideas of advanced technology, while encouraging everyone to continue to strive, find gaps, tap potential, and continuously improve their technical capabilities and the ability to deal with quality problems.


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