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Be prepared for danger in times of peace and meet challenges

Issuing time:2021-02-19 17:36Author:ZhongZuan

As the domestic and international economy continues to decline, China's machinery manufacturing industry has also been greatly impacted. Under the severe situation, ZhongZuan has been prepared for danger in times of peace, changed its development strategy, and combined with the actual situation. The company has repeatedly proposed measures on the company's development and how to deal with it. All employees of the company are required to be more united, work hard, and adjust the product structure in time to adapt to market needs and ensure the coordination and order of production and operation.

The company’s production department actively implements the company’s various decisions, meticulously plan and rationally arrange production, according to the current production reality, adhere to the company’s policy of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, effectively utilize the 8-hour normal working time, and make flexible arrangements based on the production schedule and missing parts in a timely manner. Employees work overtime and work continuously, and allocate their work and rest time reasonably. Pay attention to saving, strictly control the auxiliary materials and tools according to the plan formulated by the company, and be planned and prepared in the preparation of various materials, and strictly prevent the loss of materials.

Opportunities bred in the crisis, challenges hone the will. Only with the baptism of the market can the company develop better. After the severe winter, we will usher in a bright spring to achieve better, faster and scientific development of the enterprise!


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